Advice for Healthy “Online” Motivation


What are the things that motivate and inspire us to START or CONTINUE to focus on our health and fitness journey?

Is it:

  • The celebrity who just posted their latest nutrition regimen?
  • The athlete who just posted their go-to post workout recovery meal?
  • The trainer who posts a list of exercises to complete in 30 minutes?
  • The gym who posts their trainers crushing workouts?
  • The bodybuilder or fitness model who posts themselves in hardly any clothes doing push up’s and pull-ups in just a pair of short shorts or skin tight workout gear?


Everyone is different, so just as some of us would be motivated by screaming and yelling, others appreciate having their coach simply saying, “Nice job today, I know it wasn’t easy to get here but you gave it your best…”.  Some of us are inspired by seeing our friends/trainers/family members posting photos of themselves before/after, or looking sexy AF on the beach down in Miami, and others may feel absolutely depressed seeing the same photos… feeling like they’ll never be able to obtain their goals no matter how hard they try… yet, NOBODY is judging you for whatever it is that motivates you, just realize that what works for some doesn’t work for all, and we’ve always attempted to find a plan that works for the masses, one which improves the quality of our lives and those around us.


The issue can be when online images/video’s/posts can turn from inspiring and motivational, to depressing and feeling insecure and even further out of shape or unhealthy, much in the same way many young women feel inadequate to the models posting daily photos full of touch up’s and air brushing.  Many individuals are not walking around at their “ideal” weight or strength levels, and then when they see someone posting workout after workout, post after post, of someone wearing outfits that show lean muscle, six-pack abs, perfect skin, perfect makeup and the ability to lift massive weights and sprint faster than a cheetah… it’s sometimes counterproductive and can lead individuals into feeling even worse about themselves, and send them into a further hole of depression to dig out from.

Not everyone will react the same way, yet one consistent motivational tactic that is proven to work is group camaraderie and friendly competition.  Some of these “healthy” & “friendly” competitions include:


  • Fitbit Challenges
  • OTF Stats and Contests
  • The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Contests
  • Peloton Online Community
  • MyFitnessPal Nutrition Tracking
  • Strava Community Feeds
  • Nike Run Club
  • and so on…


Of course, just like anything in life, there will always be those who have something negative to say about each and everyone of these, just as they will about the overall message of this article.  The bottom line is that each of us can choose to be better by helping to lift people up, instead of pushing them down… intentionally or unintentionally, we can all make a conscious effort to help people become their best version of themselves, one person at a time. #payitforward #knowyouraudience #bestronger #bemoreconfident #believeinyourself


Whether you find your ability to stay focused, motivated and inspired through pictures of fit individuals, stats and metrics, social media and fitness app challenges, being yelled at, being pat on the back or any other form of “kick” to get you going, just remember that everyone had to start somewhere, and even the fittest individuals had a “day one” or may even be utilizing fitness to balance out another part of their life which may be a struggle most couldn’t even get handle.

Some of our favorite motivational techniques continue to be:

  • Weekly/Monthly Challenges
  • Impromptu Challenge of the Day/Night
  • Giveaways (Ideally this is our favorite one… EVERYONE loves to get some free fitness swag for doing what they love.)

If you’d like to learn how you can take part in any of these challenges, be sure to follow us on IG @TeamThreeSixtyFitness & continue to keep an eye on the “What’s Hot” section of our Team website.

Stay strong everyone, but more importantly… Stay Humble.

Three Sixty Fitness

Goal Set – Achieve – Repeat