Outdoor Workouts

Have you been trying to find a way to stay motivated to keep your weekly workouts fun & challenging, while maybe learning a few new tricks along the way?  Our 360 Outdoor Event Series is full of everything you want:

Outdoor Running / Bootcamps / Nutritional Guidance & Recommendations / Time-Stress Management

  1. A hardcore workout leaving you sweaty and just the right amount of disgusting ;-p
  2. Drinks provided at the start of each event
  3. Workouts will typically be between 30-45 minutes, some lasting longer depending on the day
  4. Proper Warm Up and Cool Down
  5. Informational Q&A to follow each session

Each event will cost $10 per person, payable online at least 24 hours prior to the event, via Venmo/Quickpay with Zelle(R) (No Payments Accepted @ the Time of the Event to avoid Delays).

A fitness Waiver/Form/Assessment questionairre will also be required prior to each event if you haven’t already provided one.  Any changes to your current health/medical condition must be communicated to the trainer/coach prior to the event.

Outdoor Workouts

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