The Blueprint

There’s an endless supply of information out there, and knowing what to believe and not to believe continues to be the challenge. One recent study by an MD out of the University of Virginia, shows that regular exercise has a significant impact to those who develop respiratory complications if infected by COVID-19. Statistics change and so does the interpretation of the numbers, so what do we take away from this: EXERCISE both your MIND and your BODY and build a natural ARMOR against illness, and yes, even COVID complications such as ARDS!

While we’re all facing these incredibly rare, difficult and unprecedented times, and in different ways, it never hurts to have a a plan. Each of us are different, so when planning it’s always a good idea to list out what has worked for us and what hasn’t, when it comes to the health and fitness goals we’re all trying to achieve.

Personally, my goal is to live a long and healthy, happy life where I can be the best version of myself for those I care about most, without losing sight of who I want to be. What’s your goal? Have you ever even thought about one in terms of your health? In order to achieve these types of goals, I’ve found 3 key areas that have helped myself and others stay on track no matter how many times the golden arches call my name, and these are:

  • A Workout Plan
  • A Nutritional Plan
  • A Mindfulness Plan

Exercise is important, however it can NEVER outrun a poor diet, so Nutrition is right there along with it, and in order to work towards making sure your Mind remains healthy enough to keep you focused when faced with all of life’s up’s and downs, distractions and challenges, Mindfulness is the 3rd leg which creates a foundation from which it’s hard to falter, and if you do, it can quickly help you get right back on track.

The Workout Plan

Here, and in each section we want to follow the golden rule of SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Based. Focus on full body exercises that combine Strength, Endurance & Flexibility/Mobility (Yes, these are two different things, but if all else fails, just knowing how to stretch before/after your exercise is key.) A routine that only focuses on one aspect such as all running, or all weightlifting would be flawed. Goals do matter, and sport specific training can play in among other things, so just be clear on what your trying to achieve. Most individuals are looking for total health, and that’s what “The Blueprint” focuses on. My go to is an “A” day “B” day. A Day’s I target Total Body Conditioning, such as a Modified Murph workout. B days I tend to focus more on a Total Body Strength Workout. Both A and B days also focus on flexibility, mobility and core stabilization to help strengthen my midsection!

Next, what has worked for you in the past? Was it the YouTube workout, your Gym’s Zoom workout or outdoor classes at the park, track, parking lot, etc…? Find what works, document and track it however you prefer (Online, Excel, Pen/Pencil and Paper… just track it, because tracking is proven to provide better results that last!)

Plan it out in whatever way holds you accountable, maybe a daily reminder on your phone, a handwritten note or printout by the bedside or refrigerator, whatever will help steer you back into your lane as you become distracted with “life” each day.

The Nutritional Plan

Not being a registered dietitian doesn’t mean I can make some common sense recommendations and guidelines. There’s a trillion different programs out there from Carb Cycling, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, TRE… and the list goes on and on. Here’s the golden rule: Eat less shit, eat more fit. Avoid sugars, but don’t go cutting them all out of your diet cold turkey. Drink more water, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy coffee or have to drink 3 gallons a day either. Avoid desserts, but also find ways to recreate them in a healthier way to enjoy them. Avoid fast food, but don’t go jumping off the cliff if you have a happy meal. Balance is key here, and I’m always happy to have further conversations on this area, including tracking macros, calorie intake guidelines, timing of calories and macros and so on.

The Mindfulness Plan

To be present is to be alive. If we’re always worried about the future, and always thinking about the past, then were in the hell are we… exactly, Hell, or maybe purgatory would be a better description. Many people hear others talking about “The Journey” or “Spirituality” and they tend to shy away, however opening yourself up to seek out greater purpose is not a bad thing, yet it does also come with unintended responses. It may be painful, yet the rewards are worth it.

Find outlets to go on this trip with yourself as a passenger of one, while you gain strength, knowledge and power that build you into a better human being for yourself to love, and others to appreciate the results of this transformation. Seeking out guidance is a powerful tool, so reach out to online influencer’s like Jay Shetty and Simon Sinek. Engage in a session or two with a Therapist that you find a positive and powerful connection with. Look for hobbies and interests that provide you with a sense of calmness and improved outlook in life in the Arts, Music, Film/Documentaries.

These changes are small, yet powerful in recreating yourself into a complete and total healthy version of yourself. You may hit walls, roadblocks, challenges from friends and family who think you’ve lost it as you embark on this journey, and just know that there is no “end” per se’, there’s only continued growth as the journey continues.

For more information about any of the details and concepts within “The Blueprint” feel free to reach out… we’re always willing to help, while we too focus on continuous daily improvements towards a happier and healthier life.

Eliminate Excuses, and Size the Day! Goal Set… Achieve… Repeat…!